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One of the mottos around Jade Express is that we are a family — the staff, the customers, everyone. This is more than just a motto though—it is our history and our foundation.

Jade Express began in one family's home. A set of first-generation, Asian American siblings grew up watching their parents work hard to achieve their American Dream by running a small family restaurant. They decided to take their parents' dream and expand it to the next level.

These siblings combined their love of food and family, and Jade Express was born. Their goal was simple: share their love of food with as many people as possible and give back to their communities along the way.  (To learn more about the Jade Mission, click here.)

Their recipes combine traditional Asian flavors with modern techniques and a little Western flair to create a blend of East meets West that is uniquely Jade.

The first location was opened in 2014 in Asheboro, NC. In less than 5 years, they were able to expand to 5 different locations throughout North Carolina. Despite the all the setbacks of 2020 from the Coronavirus pandemic, Jade Express was still able to grow and open their first location in South Carolina in 2020.  They  welcomed their 7th location in the fall of 2022 and are hoping to open their 8th and first stand-alone location soon in 2024!

These resolute siblings are proving that through hard work, determination, faith, and family togetherness, no obstacle cannot be overcome. 


Thank YOU for joining us along this journey. We are so excited to see where Jade Express will go next!

Our Story

The Evolution of a Logo

This is "Jade" in Chinese!



If you remove this extra accent mark, you will transform "Jade" to the founding family's last name!

The Original Jade Express


Jade Express Now

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