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Coronavirus Health & Safety

Updated: January 2024


We truly feel that our customers, employees, and communities are our family, and as such, your wellbeing and safety are of our utmost importance. Quality and cleanliness are two of our core values that make up our mission statement. Despite the hurdles the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis caused, our commitment to our family remained strong. 

We are so thankful that most restrictions have now been lifted, but that does not change our commitment to your safety. 

We will continue to monitor and follow all recommendations by the CDC and local health authorities and promise to continue to take our own health and safety protocols above and beyond.

In addition to our already high standards, we have:

  • a plexiglass shield around some of our restaurants

  • added optional face masks to our employee uniform

  • increased our cleaning frequency and sanitizing procedures of high-traffic areas

  • dedicated a crew member to continuously clean and sanitize during operating hours

  • reinforced employee education on proper health and safety procedures

  • established employee wellness checks

  • continued to adhere to strict policies regarding employees returning to work when sick

  • partnered with multiple third-party online order and delivery services (Please check with your local Jade Express for their available service providers.)


In order to maintain the health and safety of everyone, we ask that our customers please:

  • if possible, do not come out if you are sick (Please consider using one of our third-party delivery service providers, such as DoorDash.)

  • wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene and sanitation

  • refrain from unnecessary touching of the hot bar glass and counters

  • do not touch and put back utensils and/or condiments

  • please report any unhygienic/unsanitary concerns if viewed so we may come out and sanitize the area


Together we can keep our families safe and fed. Thank you for being a part of our Jade family!

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